Sony Ericsson working on PlayStation branded phone running Android 3.0?

Sony Ericsson working on PlayStation branded phone running Android 3.0?
It seems a little strange, but there is speculation that Sony Ericsson, a joint venture that has yet to launch any Android device with a higher build than 1.6, could soon be pushing out to market an Xperia and PlayStation branded phone that would run Android 3.0. With the focus obviously on gaming, the device would replace a slideout QWERTY keyboard with a game controller and be equipped with a screen between 3.7 and 4.1 inches with WVGA resolution or better. Some of the specs resemble what you would expect from a high-end Android device, such as a 1GHz processor and a 5MP camera.

The phone would have Android 3.0 on board and the Android Market will host games for the device in a special area that will only be accessible by this model. Eventually, other units might be allowed to download the games as long as game requirements are met. The library of titles are said to include older PSX games mixed with some new PSP titles. A release as soon as October is possible.

A device like this would be a win-win for all those involved. For Google, it would be a chance for Android to make some strides against the strong gaming capabilities of the iPhone/iPod and Sony Ericsson would get a shot at delivering a relevant, up-to-date Xperia model in the U.S. market, something that the joint venture has been unable to accomplish up to now.

source: Engadget via AndroidandMe

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