Some regions are starting to receive the Android 2.1 update for the LG Optimus GT540

Some regions are starting to receive the Android 2.1 update for the LG Optimus GT540
Even though its presence in Android's field of vision might not necessarily radiate far and wide to consumers, those holding dearly to the LG Optimus GT540 are in for a sweet surprise in the form of an Eclair dessert.

The update for the tasty treat in Android 2.1 will soon be rolling out to various regions, but from the sound of it so far, it's only available in the Baltic region for now. Sure it's only offered in one isolated location, but we'd imagine that it'll slowly start to make its rounds to other areas so that handset owners can finally take delight in all of its offerings.

Based on what's found with the update, it looks like LG decided to clean house with the platform since most of the third party apps that came preloaded with the default Android 1.6 ROM have been deleted – so this means bye bye to Shazam and Layar. Granted though you do get more free space for the handset, we're sure that there are going to be some bummed by their removal – but then again, a quick visit to the Android Market will fix things. In addition, the update packs a custom version of the Facebook and Twitter apps – so your Facebook information will sync to your contacts.

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