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So, given the chance, would you buy the resurrected Samsung Galaxy Note FE?

So, given the chance, would you buy the resurrected Samsung Galaxy Note FE?
So much noise for a phone that was considered dead, wouldn't you say? Yeah, we are talking about the Galaxy Note 7. A handset that tripped on launch not once but twice and Samsung pulled the plug on the entire thing before any more embarrassing situations occurred. However, in recent months, we've been hearing that the Note 7 is getting its 3rd stab at being a phone that actually exists. Now called the Note FE (fan edition), it comes with a slightly smaller battery, but every bit as much swag as before.

Now, we've asked you this before, when not much was known about the device, and all we could do was speculate, especially when it comes to price. But recent events have caused the question to pop into our heads again. Namely — the Note FE has been doing amazingly well in Korea. The handset sells for about $608 over there, which is a bit more than we expected Sammy would go for, but apparently, it's good enough. Some industry insiders are claiming that Sammy has a stash of FE units earmarked for International markets.

So, not all hope is lost! Well, for those of you actually hoping for a Note 7, that is. The others are probably just itching for the Note 8 and not caring at all about this old phoenix's 2nd resurrection. In any case, here we go again. Would you buy a Note FE if it costs comething around the $600 mark, especially that close to the Note 8 release? Things to consider — front-mounted fingerprint scanner and capacitive keys, 16:9 display ratio, no Bixby button ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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