Snapchat adds an AR circle to keep people at a distance

Snapchat adds an AR circle to keep people at a distance
The coronavirus pandemic is way far from over, and tech companies over the world try their best to help with the situation. Last month, Snapchat added a slew of online tools to keep people in good mental health during the outbreak. This was followed by a more light-hearted myth-busting game to help with misinformation circulating the web, and now we have new augmented reality lenses to keep us at a safe distance during our ever-so-rare trips outside.

“My Social Distance” creates a virtual circle showing the recommended safe distance between people, according to World Health Organization’s guidelines. There’s another new lens which reminds users to wash their hands, stay at home, and avoid touching their face. Both features are backed by the WHO and link straight to the official site of the agency.

Popular chat platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are doing their part too. WhatsApp launched a chatbot in collaboration with the World Health Organization, while Facebook opened Messenger to developers to create new solutions for delivering fast and reliable coronavirus-related information.

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