SmokedbyWindowsPhone takes over the city of Toronto

SmokedbyWindowsPhone takes over the city of Toronto
One of the most interesting promotions in the mobile phone industry, #SmokedbyWindowsPhone, went on the road to the city most often used by the motion picture industry to portray the Big Apple. We are talking about Toronto, of course. The current prize for beating Windows Phone is $100 and most walked away without the prize and either a new found respect for Microsoft's mobile OS, or else a feeling that someone cheated.

Check out the video below of a young man named Corey putting up his Apple iPhone 4S against a Nokia Lumia 900. The task was to find a list of local GTA eateries and the Nokia Lumia 900 handled it faster by coming up with a listing of a Tim Hortons restaurant before Corey even had opened his map application. Microsoft originally gave out new Windows Phone handsets to the losers until it was discovered that some were losing on purpose in order to snag a free phone.

According to Mobile Syrup, the crowd consisted mostly of BlackBerry users (it WAS Canada, after all), Apple iPhone owners and those clutching their Android handsets. The site noted that very few in the crowd had heard of Windows Phone and an even fewer number were carrying one around. Can a promotion like this one garner enough word of mouth for Windows Phone to help it become a stronger competitor?

One interesting note. The video of the contest that you can view below was taken on an Android powered HTC One X.

source: MobileSyrup

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