Smartphone shipments to overtake shipments of featurephones globally in 2013

Smartphone shipments to overtake shipments of featurephones globally in 2013
Research firm DisplaySearch sees global shipments of smartphones overtaking the number of basic and featurephones being transported in 2013.Global smartphone shipments should reach 937 million units, compared to 889 million basic and featurephones forecast to be shipped this year. From 2011 to 2016, smartphone shipments will increase at a 26% compounded annual growth rate to reach 1.45 billion units. Smartphones will then account for a whopping two-thirds of mobile handsets.

As carriers shift from 3G service to 4G, many emerging markets are expected to show strong smartphone growth. In these markets, models priced less than $200 USD are driving the industry. In China, entry-level smartphones are making up 55% of the shipments in the country. In addition, China is the globe's largest market for smartphones. According to the report, the Asian-Pacific region will be the destination for 1 in every 2 smartphones shipped globally this year.

With the growth in 4G LTE service, smartphones that support LTE will account for 23% of shipments this year. Another trend, this one toward screen resolution of 1080 x 1920 (FHD) will lead to huge gains in shipments of AMOLED and LTPS LCD panels for smartphones from 1.7 million units in 2012 to 113 million this year.

What used to pass for a generous smartphone screen size is not even seen in the latest estimates which according to DisplaySearch reveal that 57% of all smartphones shipped in 2013 will have a screen between 4 and 5 inches in size. 16% of smartphones to be shipped this year are forecast to have screens larger than 5 inches.

source: DisplaySearch via DigiTimes


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1. snowgator

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Since I have been posting here (October, 2010 I think), this idea that Feature Phones are getting passed over has been kicked around, debated, and mostly anticipated. Yes, smartphones in more established markets such as Europe and North America will and most likely has passed feature phones. But in developing markets, prepaid carriers, and with a large portion of the 40+ year old buying markets, feature phones still provide a HUGE portion of this industry. Samsung, Nokia, LG and some of the other manufacturers are smart to continue working hard for that market. I understand where the big mone is- smartphones. But there is still a lot of money in feature phones, and will be for a few years yet. So long as multi-media is geting bigger in mobile, screens will be getting bigger as well. Buyers want to actually be able to see the details in their photos, games, videos, and such. Go figure.

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