Smartphone coaster keeps your precious phone dry and safe

Smartphone coaster keeps your precious phone dry and safe
Are you jealous of those using devices like the HTC EVO 4G, or the HTC Imagio, both with rear kickstands that prop up the screen to bring you a good viewing angle? Now, you can not only have your phone's display set up on a desk in both portrait and landscape orientation, you can also keep your expensive phone safe and dry thanks to the Smartphone Coaster.

Available from newPCgadgets, the stainless steel product fits the current roster of smartphones and cell phones and offers an alternative to just laying your phone down on a dirty or wet table. If you are the type that won't even let his/her significant other touch his/her cell phone, the Smartphone Coaster could make the difference between having your new $200 smartphone destroyed by a spilled can of RC Cola or watching the coaster keep your handset out of the reach of the liquid.

As a kickstand, you can set up the Smartphone Coaster to give you a superior 75 degree viewing angle and you can use it in both portrait and landscape orientation.

The Smartphone Coaster costs $3.95 each and discounts are available at breakpoints of 11 and 101 units ordered ($2.95 and $2.49 each, respectively). You can buy it online by visiting the source link.

source: newPCgadgets

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