Small wonders: the 5 best compact Android phones under 5 inches

The 5 best compact Android phones
In the world of 5"-6" smartphone displays, one has to wonder what happened with those compact, powerful munchkins that you could easily operate with one hand, and went unnoticed in your pocket or purse. Fret not, as there are still a few of those being built, and some of them dwarf their larger brethren, if not in size, then in specs, looks and manageability.

If you are looking for a compact Android handset in a year when most flagships come with 5"-5.5" display panels, and phablets extend that range all the way to the gargantuan 6" mark, look no further than our humble roundup below. It offers a refreshing set of phones with sub-5" displays that lay comfortably in your palm, and let you text or answer calls easily while carrying a bag of groceries in the other hand, for instance. 

Don't be fooled by the adorable munchkins' one-handed manageability, though, as they also feature some of the best specs and forward-looking features your money can buy at the moment, so check them out, and tell us which one would you get if you were in the market for a compact, yet powerful Android handset.

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