SlingPlayer coming soon to a Kindle Fire near you

SlingPlayer coming soon to a Kindle Fire near you
All those red hot holiday sales numbers for the Kindle Fire caught the attention of someone : SlingBox, the popular “take your TV with you” service was showing off a version of their SlingPlayer at CES this week, and will be ready for release to the Amazon Appstore later this month.

When released the app will retail for the usual $29.99; you will need a compatible SlingBox to serve media files to the player. The forked and heavily skinned version of Android that Amazon is using on the Fire led to a couple of restrictions in the initial release. That first release will lack the TV guide and onscreen remote seen in SlingPlayer apps on other platforms - apparently the ability to mirror a source’s remote and onscreen guide will not be implemented, although you will still be able to use the app’s native content guide and navigation buttons.

For those of you who received a Kindle Fire over the holidays and already have a SlingBox this should be a no-brainer. For other Kindle Fire options the economics are less clear, but it’s nice to have another option for consuming TV on your shiny new tablet.

Below you can enjoy some photographs Engadget snagged of the unreleased app at CES:

source: Engadget

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Kindle Fire
  • Display 7.0 inches
    600 x 1024 pixels
  • Hardware TI OMAP4, 0.5GB RAM
  • Storage 8GB,
  • OS Android 2.3


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1. iami67

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Ive heard a lot of bad things aboutt he Fire so have stayed away from it so far. I figured Ill see if I can get a clear answer here since no sales reps anywhere this is sold seems to know the answers. What I hear is that if you already have a gmail account from a android phone that you still need to re buy the apps to use them on a kindle. Like I have a droid razr with slingbox. If I buy a Kindle Fire do I have to rebuy this app? Shouldn't my gmail already know I have this like it does everytime I get a new phone.

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