Siri can now remotely control your car: start and lock it, pop your trunk

Siri can now remotely control your car: start and lock it, pop your trunk
That humble virtual assistant Siri always willing to help might be useful for telling the weather, setting appointments, alarms and a couple of other things, but given the fact that we’re living in a connected world, we’d love to see it communicate with other devices. Now, Apple hasn’t exactly allowed developers to tinker around with Siri’s abilities, but crafty developers have largely figured out how Siri’s protocols work. The end-result of this was that developer @plamoni managed to set up a proxy server for Siri to talk to thinking it’s Apple’s servers. What does this allow to do?

The developer showed how you can set the temperature on a wireless thermostat with Siri, and the most recent application this time imagined and realized by developer Brandon Fiquett is using Siri and the proxy to... speak to your car. You can actually start the engine, lock it and even pop your trunk all just by voice command. Futuristic, isn’t it?

“The “Siri Proxy” plugin I wrote handles interaction with a php script that runs on my web server. The php script, which I developed months ago for personal use, allows me to send commands to my car which has a Viper SmartStart module installed.
Current commands accepted are: “Vehicle Arm”, “Vehicle Disarm”, “Vehicle Start”, “Vehicle Stop”, “Vehicle Pop Trunk”, and “Vehicle Panic”,” Fiquett posted on his blog.

Now, there’s definitely heaps of functionality hidden in the depths of the humble virtual assistant so we really hope Apple opens it up to devs via some kind of a Siri SDK for third-party apps - the possibilities seem endless. 

source: fiquett via 9to5Mac

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