Shot of a set-up guide leaks the Motorola Droid Shadow?

Shot of a set-up guide leaks the Motorola Droid Shadow?
Just when you thought that HTC has stolen most of Android's fire with the anticipated release of the HTC EVO 4G, it looks like Motorola is definitely hiding something in the shadows to regain the prominent status for Android. There was a shot of a set-up guide posted by a user at HowardForums which could potentially be the next big thing out of Motorola's camp since the DROID itself. Possibly going by the name Motorola Droid Shadow, this could be the next device that could prove to be a profitable hit for the company. For a decent period of time, both the Motorola DROID and MILESTONE have seemingly taken Android to the next level on a global basis. In addition, it could be sporting some kind of updated MOTOBLUR interface based on what we can see for right now. For those who may have forgotten some of the specs expected to accompany the handset, it's reported to feature an 8-megapixel camera, 720p video recording, 4.1” touchscreen, and we could see a launch as early as July. The Motorola DROID has been making its rounds for quite some time now on the market, as it continues to see some decent sales, but HTC's onslaught of high-end phones have saturated the market. With the Motorola Droid Shadow hopefully in the works, it could only be a short amount of time before Motorola retakes a decent amount of mind share in the mobile community once again.

*Update* It seems that the Shadow will have a 4.1" touchscreen and will lack a sliding QWERTY keyboard. Thanks for all the tips!

Motorola Droid Shadow Preliminary Specifications

source: HowardForums via Gizmodo

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