Select Android apps now can be run on Chrome OS

During Google I/O this past June, a number of updates to Chrome OS were announced, including plans to enable the ability to run Android applications on Chromebooks.

Chromebooks are known for being relatively affordable alternatives to laptops, and they literally start up in seconds. Once started up, operation is generally fast and fluid.

Google has announced the first group of Android applications that can be run on a Chromebook. The project that is making this possible is called App Runtime for Chrome. It is still in Beta, but like so many “Betas” run by Google, it will grow and feel largely mainstream.

The first four apps that are now compatible with Chrome OS are, Duolingo, Evernote, Slight Words, and Vine. Evernote and Vine are popular and need no introduction. Duolingo, in case you are not familiar, is a language learning application, and Slight Words is children’s game that assists with reading and vocabulary.

Google will begin working with select groups of developers with the goal of bringing more apps to Chrome OS, and enabling a unified experience from the Android to Chrome environments. Google is also inviting users to submit their favorite apps they would like to see compatible with Chrome OS (see source link).

source: Google Chrome Blog



33. Chuck007

Posts: 1423; Member since: Mar 02, 2014

What they need to do is broaden x86 and 3D acceleration support. Heck OSX already has so many games... porting it to another Linux based platform would be a walk in the park I imagine.

29. justsayit

Posts: 256; Member since: May 09, 2013

but what a chrome book can do?i don't see any point to buy a chromebook when can buy a window laptop at the same price

34. boosook

Posts: 1442; Member since: Nov 19, 2012

a chromebook is different... while Windows retains the well known approach of an OS where everything is on your HD (though it has OneDrive integrated, that does not qualify as a networw OS), chrome OS is a real net OS. You don't have to update neither the os nor the applications. You don't have to update the drivers, you don't have to backup your files, you don't even have to remember to save them every five minutes because changes are synchronized with the cloud in real time. You don't have to pay for additional software like Office because it's already present for free, and you don't have to send documents via email, just share them with other users. You don't have to worry if your computer malfunctions: just reset, reinstall. Your apps and your data will be synchronized automatically. And of course if your computer is stolen or your hd completely breaks, well... your data is safe and you can be up and running in minutes (just pick up another chromebook and login with your account). A worry-free computing experience. See how different it is? Yes, of course you can't do everything. But there are many users that use the pc just to browse the internet, facebook etc, edit some office documents, their pictures, listen to music, watch movies. Those people can buy a chromebook and do everything they need much easier and without worrying.

25. theguy2345

Posts: 1216; Member since: Jun 24, 2014

I am being forced to use chromebooks for school. even with android apps, nothing can save chromebooks. they are just so awful. even for casual users. the only browser that you can use on it is chrome. google docs is a disgrace. it is in browser, so off-line it is useless. it is also very watered down to its competitors. just copy and pasting is a process. you can`t install programs on it, so when you want to do something just a little bit involved, such as say, emulation, it is useless. In short, chromebooks are something you don`t want to use. especially if you use android , because android is very open and chromebooks is closed beyond comparison

26. ArtSim98

Posts: 3535; Member since: Dec 21, 2012

At least you're in a better position than those who are forced to use iPad's :) Think positive!

31. theguy2345

Posts: 1216; Member since: Jun 24, 2014

True. And I can also type all my stuff in word anyway. I am also forced to use an iPad because it was a gift and I can't rectify spend another $500. It is also quite awful. The only use it has is that one episode of Naruto that comes out once a week

18. LuckyS

Posts: 154; Member since: Dec 07, 2013

Searching for Chrome OS live usb to try.

15. Settings

Posts: 2943; Member since: Jul 02, 2014

Im waiting for Office and Flappy Bird.

3. ArtSim98

Posts: 3535; Member since: Dec 21, 2012

Chromebooks are pathetic piece of crap.

10. kalo88

Posts: 20; Member since: May 21, 2014

Why are they? For a lot of people they serve their needs perfectly fine. I can browse online, write up documents, stream/listen to music, go on youtube, download torrents, connect up my phone via MTP. Aside from 'play games' or run intensive programs what more does the average person ever do on a computer? Most of my friends have windows or mac laptops, the second the internet goes down they switch them off as they use the internet almost entirely. Can I watch movies offline? Yup, can i listen to music off? Yup. Stop spouting this usual 'chromebooks suck' when it's simply not true. Typed on my Chromebook :)

11. ArtSim98

Posts: 3535; Member since: Dec 21, 2012

Ok I agree they are not that pathetic, for example they are better than tablets (which actually are pieces of crap:) But still, for me a chromebook wouldn't be enough.

17. joey_sfb

Posts: 6794; Member since: Mar 29, 2012

Look like you need to bash something on your way out.

19. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

That was lame... This comes from a PC, tablet and soon to be chromebook owner

20. ArtSim98

Posts: 3535; Member since: Dec 21, 2012

Sometimes facts can seem lame.

23. NokiaFTW

Posts: 2072; Member since: Oct 24, 2012

I wouldn't call them crap, but they aren't great either. But they're cheaper than Windows laptops and offer a great web browsing experience and great integration with Google's ecosystem. They're more than good enough for an average college student or a casual user. But of course, they aren't meant for power users. On the downside, the low pricing is confined only to the US. In other markets, the price of Chromebooks are comparable to that of low end Windows laptops. Google needs to work on making the Chromebooks cheap everywhere around the world in order to compete with MS.

2. JakeLee

Posts: 1021; Member since: Nov 02, 2013

Why not all? What? The devs HAVE TO do some extra work for that? Where did this "platform agnostic" blablah go? Welcome to reality, Androtakus. On the other hand, I'm quite sure ALL the hello worlds run flawlessly.

5. JMartin22

Posts: 2429; Member since: Apr 30, 2013

Can't say I'm a user or a fan of Chrome OS but you always gotta come to one of these threads and b**th in nonsensical fashion for attention and/or to validate your gaudy little Apple platforms. It's pathetic how you denigrated after the whole 64-bit fiasco drama you created, had passed over.

6. JakeLee

Posts: 1021; Member since: Nov 02, 2013

What fiasco? EVERYTHING I kept telling came true, is coming true, and will come true.

7. JMartin22

Posts: 2429; Member since: Apr 30, 2013

We've all learned, that even after reasoning with you logically, that even after PhoneArena dedicated an entire article to debunking your misinformation and propaganda, that there's no point in arguing with you anymore on the merits of Androids 64-bit capabilities that are coming to pass. You can live in your own world. But the facts and reality are here to stay.

8. JakeLee

Posts: 1021; Member since: Nov 02, 2013

Typical for Androtakus. They can never tell a thing exactly when it matters.

9. JMartin22

Posts: 2429; Member since: Apr 30, 2013

Typical iTards, they need to distort the facts on the things that matters to them so they can feel accomplished. There are "Androtakus" out there on the Android side, but you, mxy, ninetysix, and darkkjackofalltrades represent the scourge of your respective platform.

12. Ashoaib

Posts: 3309; Member since: Nov 15, 2013

by the way Jake, I need your honest feedback(not the typical senseless android hate one).... as you called samsung and android a copy... since you are an izombie and I am an androtakus, so an androtakus should keep the legend alive and should copy an izombie, right? I am trying to do the same these days bcoz I am on vacations... I am high lighting all apple's articles by your way(but I dont do it out of ignorance like you).... now comming to the point, I would like to know am I doing good? hilighting that iphone is overly priced midrange phone and doesnt worth buying in huge hefty price tag? am I good or need some improvement?

32. sgodsell

Posts: 7697; Member since: Mar 16, 2013

You really are a moron JakeLee. You talk like everything should work with no issues or problems. Android devices use a touch screen interface. That vast majority of Chromebooks and Chromeboxes don't have a touch interface. So Einstein how is that suppose work for every NON touch Chromebook? Please, in your mind you think you have the answers to everything. But in reality you really know nothing. Once again Fake JakeLee. Please I am waiting for your crappy stupid made up lies again. It will be interesting to see the crap you come up with again.

16. tedkord

Posts: 17544; Member since: Jun 17, 2009

Hey, he's back! It only took him four days to recover from that "amazing" event. They really should have named the new phones the iPhone M8 and the iPhone M8 Note.

28. engineer-1701d unregistered

jakelee dont you have to go help apple sell that pitiful thing they call a smartwatch, i love how you pop up on any android page hating android but when someone shows you your wrong you act like a child and run away.

1. Finalflash

Posts: 4063; Member since: Jul 23, 2013

Finally, now we can hopefully start getting more competition going in the VERY stagnant desktop/laptop OS market. Someone needs to smash the MS monopoly and force them create competitive products.

4. ArtSim98

Posts: 3535; Member since: Dec 21, 2012

What do you mean by MS monopoly? Ever heard of OS X or Ubuntu? And plus, I think W8 is an amazing OS

13. lalalaman

Posts: 638; Member since: Aug 19, 2013

Yea, win 8.1 is great plus, mac os x is already giving ms hard time(still win 7 is preferred for gaming)......chromeos is almost close to usless until all android apps can run on it

14. techperson211

Posts: 1280; Member since: Feb 27, 2014

Windows xp was the legend of MS OS. Still chrome has the potential to be dominant not this year but a year or two. Just like android when they started.

21. XperiaFanZone

Posts: 2282; Member since: Sep 21, 2012

Chromebooks are not meant to compete with such market, and may never will. But it's good that you're optimistic about it.

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