Secret Google Map gesture lets you zoom in with one hand

Secret Google Map gesture lets you zoom in with one hand
Pssst. Want to know a little secret about Google Maps? There is a secret gesture for the application that allows you to zoom in with just one hand. It is so easy to do that even the most neophyte smartphone user could do this with, well, with one hand tied around his back. Get your phone. This works on both iOS and Android and by the way, this is not an Apple Fool's joke. That ship sailed a few minutes ago. Now get your phone and go to Google Maps. Holding the phone with one hand, take your thumb and double tap on the screen. On the second tap, hold down your finger and slide. Viola! You're zooming in with one hand.

Yes, go ahead and spend the rest of the night testing it out, showing the spouse and kids and even the dog. This is so big that you can even awake your neighbor and show it off. And who knows how many other secret Google gestures are floating around all of those applications. Would you find this more useful than pinch to zoom?

We should note that someone must have known about this, because the video below is dated from last December.

Thanks, Michael F.

source: CarlSednaoui, HackerNews via Gizmodo

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