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Sculpture of Steve Jobs allegedly contains his trash

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Sculpture of Steve Jobs allegedly contains his trash
On display in a Los Angeles gallery next month will be a sculpture of the late Steve Jobs, holding an Apple iPhone in his hand. That might not sound unusual, for even in death Jobs remains a controversial figure whose influence continues to this day at the company he co-founded. But the interesting (or creepy, depending on your outlook) thing about this work of art is that it is partially made from trash stolen from Jobs himself.

This sculpture of Steve Jobs allegedly contains his stolen trash
The piece is described by Cory Allen Contemporary Art as being painted in a "Apple White finish" with a "recycled resin made up of Steve Jobs' residential trash" which the artist had stolen a few months before the CEO had passed. The sculpture, created by XVALA is expected to be used as a way to protest what is going on at Foxconn, the contract manufacturer in China used by Apple to assemble products like the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad.

If you're, uh, dying to own this piece of art entitled "Think Different," it will be reproduced as a limited edition for sale in "Apple Black" as a way to remember the mass suicides at Foxconn. Obviously, this is not necessarily a tribute to Jobs or to Apple. "Either waiting in line or in an assembly line, Apple is to die for. Unfortunately, Apple thinks it's all the same," said XVALA. "Think Different" will debut at AIS Editions on October 13.

source: PRNewswire via SlashGear

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