Screenshots confirm the presence of an iris scanner on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Screenshots confirm the presence of an iris scanner on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7
As we get closer to the August 2nd unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, some of the rumors are beginning to become reality. Samsung is skipping the Galaxy Note 6 name so consumers don't get confused? Check! Now smartphone buyers will know that the Note series isn't one generation behind. Rumors of an IP68 certification also appear to be true, thanks to a Zauba listing. This would make the Galaxy Note 7 the first in the series to be water resistant.

And the day after pictures of the AT&T variant of the phablet are leaked, screenshots show the device's iris scanner in action. Thus, another rumor becomes reality. With the iris scanner, the Galaxy Note 7 user adjusts the phone so that his eyes are positioned within two circles found on the screen. The unit should be held 25 to 35 cm (10-inches to 14-inches) from the face, states a leaked screenshot listing the directions.

According to Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin, the iris scanner takes less than one second to unlock the Galaxy Note 7. And you can still unlock the device using the fingerprint scanner if you prefer, which is now embedded in the home button.

We have plenty more rumors that need to be sorted out before August 2nd. Now that the information is beginning to leak freely, we expect to pass along a lot more information in the days and weeks ahead. If you're interested in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, feel free to check in often.

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