Samsung's devices are for those who want cheap plastic, says HTC's Mackenzie

Samsung's devices are for those who want cheap plastic, says HTC's Mackenzie
HTC's president for America, Jason Mackenzie, has every reason to be feeling his oats after the all new HTC One (M8) was unveiled on Tuesday. The phone has already been launched by select carriers in certain markets, beating out the Samsung Galaxy S5, and not too many non iPhone models have ever seen the level of hype that HTC's new flagship achieved, leading up to Tuesday's event.

In an interview on Tuesday, after the all new HTC One (M8) had been unwrapped, Mackenzie took aim at Samsung and its characterization as a company that spends piles of money on advertising and marketing. Mackenzie said that the Korean manufacturer has plenty of cash to say "let's go out and paint the world blue." HTC admittedly, does not have the marketing chops that many of its rivals have, which should make the Taiwan based firm happy that its phone received all the hype that it did. If the first two commercials for the all new HTC One (M8), which starred character actor Gary Oldman, are any indication of how HTC plans on marketing its new flagship phone, the company could lose all the advantages it earned from the pre-launch hype.

But perhaps HTC believes that it doesn't need a strong advertising campaign to sell the new HTC One (M8). Mackenzie says that if you want cheap plastic, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is for you. "But we're going after a different customer," says the executive, "someone who wants the best."

source: BusinessInsider


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