Robert Downey Jr. gets replaced by Gary Oldman in HTC's new ads

Robert Downey Jr. gets replaced by Gary Oldman in HTC's new ads
Gary Oldman has had quite a Hollywood career portraying a number of characters including a Wizard, a Russian Assasin and even Lee Harvey Oswald. Now he has a new gig as HTC One (M8) spokesman. Oldman replaces Robert Downey Jr., who allegedly received $12 million for a sorry excuse of a commercial. Not that we could blame him as he had to work with the material he was given. And who the heck is going to turn down a $12 million pay day?

So the Taiwan based manufacturer decided to go with Oldman for a couple of ads. The first spot has Oldman repeating , "Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah," and just as you are about to wish for Downey Jr.'s return, Oldman says, "It doesn't matter what I say, because the all new HTC One is designed for people who form their own opinions." And there we have it, perhaps the most truthful comment even uttered on a celebrity endorsement." The second spot is merely a longer version of the first ad. Hope you're a Gary Oldman fan because the last twenty seconds or so is just the camera slowly moving in on the actor.

We were really hoping that HTC might have learned its lesson after last year's fiasco. Honestly, would seeing either ad on television make you want to run out and buy the new HTC One (M8)? HTC has admitted having problems with marketing its products and luckily for the Taiwan based manufacturer, the new HTC One (M8) has been the recipient of a ton of hype. But that will only go so far.

source: HTC (1), (2) via AndroidAuthority
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