Samsung's Behold II Man is handset's Man of Sell

Samsung's Behold II Man is handset's Man of Sell
When the Samsung Behold II was launched last November, the marketing campaign for the phone was practically nil. The phone had the bad luck of being launched around the same time as the Motorola DROID was for Verizon. The latter model and its superior specs was part of a $100 million ad campaign that Samsung and T-Mobile decided not to challenge. Instead, the duo let things settle down before starting an ad campaign for the Behold II. And that brings us to now, and the appearance of that mighty super hero, Behold II Man. Faster than a EDGE connection, more powerful than your Grandma's Jitterbug and able to leap over iPhones in a single bound, Behold II Man's main objective is to sell more of the Android powered  phone to T-Mobile customers.  The handset is expected to eventually get upgraded to Android 2.x and T-Mobile has lowered the 2 year contract price to $149,or $309 off contract. And while the DROID might have the superior specs for now, if you watch the spot, you'll find out that Behold II Man might be well-endowed in a certain location.

Samsung Behold II T939 Specifications | Review

source: YouTube, AndroidandMe


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1. vine2winesd

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This is exactly what the new trend should be. Upgrading the OS and cleaning up the performance of some of these HW capable devices. I really do hope this catches on for some of the other manufacturers rather than just putting out 3 more phones that have been half baked with the same OS and/or HW but with differnet looks.

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