Samsung closes Galaxy Z Flip factory… again

Samsung closes Galaxy Z Flip factory… again
Samsung’s mammoth of a phone, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, has been sharing the spotlight recently with the company’s second foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip. Samsung is heavily marketing its new crown jewel but while ads are for the Z Flip are running far and wide, things aren’t running smooth back at the phone’s birthplace in South Korea.

The reason? What else than the infamous coronavirus, or COVID-19 as it’s officially named. Last month, Samsung was forced to suspend work in the factory in Gumi that’s making the Z Flip phones after a worker was found to have contracted the virus.

Since then, the factory complex has had 6 cases of the virus, causing constant shutdowns for disinfection. The latest one was today, Reuters reports. With yet another sick employee, it’s time for the cleaning crews to step in and manufacturing crews to go home.

Samsung’s spokesperson said that the factory should begin operation again on Saturday. It’s no surprise that Samsung is eager to return to production. With the Galaxy Z Flip still riding the hype wave created by ads and reviewers, Samsung must provide enough stock to meet the demand before people start looking towards another device and save their $1,500.

The situation is a tricky one for Samsung. On one hand, it has to make sure its employees have the safest work conditions possible, but on the other hand, the pressure to hit its targets forces the company to keep its factories operational. We don’t envy the executive that has to make these decisions, that’s for sure.

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