Samsung pokes fun at Apple in six new ads for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung pokes fun at Apple in six new ads for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4
We've seen Samsung make fun of Apple in its commercials. The last time, Samsung mocked "wallhugging" iPhone users who are attached to an A/C outlet all day, due to the shorter battery life found on the iPhone. Now in a series of six ads, Samsung uses a "genius bar" setting with two goofy employees, to make fun of its rival, and to promote the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

The first ad makes fun of the difficulties Apple had with the live stream it was supposed to be sending out yesterday, during its new product introductions.  The spoof shows the two "genius bar" workers, one who is pretending to talk as though he were a live feed breaking up. "You're in technology and you can't handle this?," the other genius bar worker says. Every one asked Apple the same question on Tuesday. Score one for Samsung.

In the second ad, the same two "genius bar" employees are watching what is obviously supposed to be yesterday's Apple iPhone 6 announcement. They rejoice in the introduction of the larger screened iPhones, until they come to the realization that other phones have larger screens (like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, of course).

The rest of the ads cover things like the Apple Watch, the S Pen, Multi Wimdows and battery life. We've embedded all six below for your viewing pleasure. Who knows? Perhaps one day Samsung will bring back the barista. By the way, the series of ads is cleverly called, "It doesn't take a genius."

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