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Samsung might release first smartphone with flexible screen this week, unveils 5.7" unbreakable bendable display

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Minutes after LG unveiling its 6” flexible screen, Samsung confirms that it will outpace its Korean rival with a 5.7” flexible screen of its own and with a real device featuring the technology. Good news is that Samsung’s first flexible screen smartphone is expected to launch… this week, according to Korean media reporting on the flexible display unveiling.

Chances are that Samsung will unveil the rumored special limited edition Galaxy Note 3 with a bendable display. Yes, that means Samsung Display is already mass producing the 5.7” displays.

The new alleged flexible screen will be extremely lightweight at just 5.2 grams, lighter than LG’s 6” display. It will also be remarkably thin at just 0.12mm. The screen will support the full 1080 x 1920 pixel full HD resolution, just as the current AMOLED on the Note 3.

The curved-screen Galaxy Note 3 is expected to run on a quad-core chip (likely the Snapdragon 800).

An interesting new measure to compare flexible screens is just how much they bend. Samsung’s display is the champion in that regard as it sports a curvature radius of 400mm, more than twice that of LG’s rival technology.

Right now, Samsung Display confirmed its using its 5.5-Gen line for making the screens. Its monthly capacity is limited at around 1 million screens per month.

source: ETNews via OLED-info 


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