Samsung goes Gumby, patents a stretchable phone/tablet/watch

Lenovo might have been pretty adamant to showcase its bendable wrist phone when its Moto subsidiary was announcing the Moto Z and Z Force flagships, but it's clear that the contraption is pretty much still a proof of concept, and nowhere near ready for mass production.

Samsung, however, is not only at the forefront of flexible display production, but the rumor is that it will have an actual bendable phone on the market by early next year. Or, would it be a stretchable one? Frankly, we don't know just yet, as Samsung has cornered pretty much every shape and form you can do with a flexible phone display, and the latest patent application only adds up to the mix.

It depicts a shape-shifting phone with with separate element that might house the non-flexible electronic parts, which can be bent around your wrist as a smartwatch, unfolded from the sides to become a tablet, or the bracelet shape straighten up a bit to act as a headset with the top part hooked to your ear, and the bottom reaching down to your mouth. All grand ideas, and we can't wait to see what Samsung has in store for us with its first bendable phone next year.

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1. LetsBeHonest

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Ha ha.. Just make it happy Sammy.. Be the Bose.

3. LetsBeHonest

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*just make it *happen Oops i meant "the BOSS" Damn I ruined the whole post...

8. phonearenarocks

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Man you had time, PA allows you edit content posted less than 4 min ago, unless you wanted specifically make two posts like you did.

13. LetsBeHonest

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im using the mobile version of this site bcuz of low speed internet connection. there i don't see such feature. On WP's internet explorer.

14. krystian

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My guess is that this is already something happening and planned to be produced not only for their own products but for other companies. Samsung can make a lot of money producing these for every phone company out there. They could come out with it earlier on their own units with some time for exclusivity. But other companies are also working on this tech so Samsung may not be able to. LG has had prototypes for a long time. Even Lenovo.


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In other news: in NYC a man accosts a woman on the street and tries to shove a bag of poop down her pants. The sketch here in some bizarre bay reminds me of that.

5. cnour

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Useless as usual from Sammy

10. Papa_Ji

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Samsung is like parents for Mobile industry. All others are just like small kids...

21. cnour

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Your sentence proved that it is you the kid.

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