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Samsung Spain: Android 5.0 update is coming to Samsung Galaxy Note II


One of the great questions of our time has been answered by Samsung Spain. Or has it? In a tweet sent out today, Sammy's unit in Spain seemingly put an end to all the controversy by stating that the Samsung Galaxy Note II would be receiving the update to Android 5.0. Earlier today, we told you that a Facebook post made by Samsung Gulf (the Persian Gulf arm of the manufacturer) unequivocally stated that the soon to be three-year old phablet would not be updated.

But the tweet from Samsung Spain is not 100% certain. Translated into English, the tweet says that the update will be pushed out as long as nothing happens during the updating process. That obviously refers to any type of hiccup that could take place during the downloading and installation of Android 5.0.

If you currently own the Samsung Galaxy Note II, you might find yourself a bit confused. We'd normally tell you to wait for official word from Samsung, but even that sage advice doesn't work in this case. Considering that the device carries 2GB of RAM and a quad-core processor, you might think that this would be a no brainer. We do expect to see the Galaxy Note II Lollipopped in due time.

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source: @SamsungMobileES (translated) via YouMobile
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