Samsung Galaxy Wearable app major bug affects all Gear smartwatches and Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Wearable app major bug affects all Gear smartwatches and Galaxy Watch
UPDATE: The issue has been reportedly fixed.

It looks like the Galaxy Fold is not the only problem that Samsung is facing these days, although that's probably more important than everything else. The Galaxy Wearable app seems to be broken for everyone who owns a Galaxy Watch or Gear smartwatch.

There's a huge thread on Samsung's community forums where users have started to report issues with the app since last Thursday, The Verge reports. The good news is if your Galaxy Watch or Gear smartwatch is paired with a Samsung smartphone, then the issue won't affect you.

Unfortunately, all non-Samsung phones seem to be affected by the problem, including Google Pixel phones, OnePlus, Motorola, and even Xiaomi. Apparently, the Galaxy Wearable app won't allow users to sign in on their phones and freezes on a white screen. Currently, there's no workaround to the issue, but reviewer Gavin's Gadget reports Samsung is aware of the problem and working on a fix.

To prevent being locked out from your smartwatch, it's better to avoid to reset it until Samsung addresses the Galaxy Wearable app's bug. If you've already done it, then there's nothing you can do, just wait for Samsung to release a fix.



1. iloveapps

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3. Alcyone

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Innovation is what Apple did, with the iPhone 6. Allowing that to be the "first" true foldable phone.

2. libra89

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4. speedingcheetah

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No issues here with my Galaxy Watch and Pixel 3.

5. Humaid

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I used the app this week to update my Galaxy Buds, and used it again just now. No issues at all.

6. darkkjedii

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C'mon Samsung, get this mess together.

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