Future Galaxies may boast a bezel-less design and a second display on the rear

Future Galaxies may boast a bezel-less design and a second display on the rear
So far, Samsung has shown basically no interest in adopting the bezel-less display trend – it has simply patented a notched design. Instead, the South Korean giant is continuing to bet heavily on its Infinity Display concept, and a newly discovered patent appears to depict how the company wants to evolve the design going forward.

According to the included sketches, Samsung is hoping to eventually reduce the side bezels to a minimum while also removing the bottom chin entirely. In fact, the only bezel it’s currently expecting to keep is the top one, which itself will be just big enough to house an in-ear speaker and the selfie camera. Perhaps more interestingly, however, is the rear design. See, instead of the usual all-glass build complete with either a vertical or horizontal camera setup in the middle, Samsung appears to be researching certain rear display implementations that would occupy a portion of the panel. This could potentially act as an always-on display with a low power consumption, or it could perhaps open up the rear camera for use as a selfie sensor, allowing users to preview shots on the small screen and thus allowing the removal of the front camera. In any case, the adoption of the display leads to a repositioning of the rear camera setup camera setup, which would now sit horizontally in the top left corner. Aside from all of this, a USB Type-C port is present on the bottom of the device along with what appear to be bottom-firing speakers either side, while the volume rocker and power key can also be seen on the frame.

Considering the overall shape of the smartphone, the patent in question appears to depict a possible future Galaxy Note iteration. Nevertheless, while the rear screen implementation seems unlikely at this point, the front panel design could easily be featured on other smartphones in the near future, possibly even the Galaxy S10.




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Interesting! I wonder why they'll want to put a screen on the back of the phone if there's still going to be a selfie camera at the front. I believe the reason for adding a small screen at the back should be to make the front all-screen so that people can use the screen on the back of the phone when shooting selfie. At least, that's what I'll use it for if there was to be a small screen at the back of the phone. Of course it'll be just for framing purpose and people would be able to review the pictures on the main screen after shooting.

11. drunkenjay

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they might put the always on display at the back.or for back sefie camera shots.

2. nodes

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3. Ciro1900

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Smoke as always

4. ahmadkun

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Yeah .. i have already thought about that and samsung is able to do this kind of phones dual display like Meizu Pro 7 Plus then you can take selfies with the rear camera but it's sounds more complicated and samsung should find a way to make it convenient and fun and easier than the current way .. because popup slution isn't that convenient.

5. MartinR

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So this patent originates from 2016! Well this is news...

6. joshuaswingle

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It's a continuation of a patent filed back in December 2016. But this specific one was filed in September 2017 and granted June 19, 2018.

7. joshuaswingle

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Double post (fix being worked on)

8. Ciro1900

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2 crapmoleds nooooo

10. toosmoove

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18. Sammy_DEVIL737

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2...... That’s the exact number of Sony selling it’s Xperia XZ2. Lmao.

12. MDave

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Manufacturers are sooo out of ideas.

13. AronWunarso

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15. may_czos

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I can't see a headphone jack...

19. Sammy_DEVIL737

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16. BuffaloSouce unregistered

I said this a couple years ago as a joke that phone designs have peaked and all there is left to do is to make the back a screen and add more cameras.

17. redmd

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That rear screen might solve the problem of front facing cameras. Just put on a shutter button and we're good to go.

20. taz_chaz

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boast better software and better softwareupdates along with better battery life and then we can talk about it sammy....

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