Brace yourselves, Samsung is patenting notch-y handset designs!

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Brace yourselves, Samsung is patenting notch-y handset designs!
The Galaxy S9 and S9+ eschew the whole screen cutout trend, opting for very slim top and bottom bezels instead, and still manage to clock in amazing screen-to-body ratios. That is why we thought that Samsung might be the only holdout against the notch in the universe of popular Android makers.

Not so fast, said Samsung, and patented what looks like a Galaxy S10 wannabe with a top bezel protrusion that houses the front camera and sensors. Interestingly enough, Samsung filed another patent, this time for what looks like a completely bezel-less cell phone, with barely a frame all around. 

To adhere to this wishlist, Samsung would have to tuck the finger scanner under the display, and find place for the front camera and other sensors paraphernalia as well. Hopefully, this would be achieved to a greater extent than thought with the Galaxy S10, as it's rumored to house an in-display fingerprint reader.

source: SIPO (1,2) via (translated)


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