Samsung’s latest smartwatch app reminds you to do what matters most

Samsung’s latest smartwatch app reminds you to do what matters most
It’s safe to say that at no point in history have humanity’s hands been as clean as they are today. TV ads, posters, hashtags, everywhere you look, there’s a reminder to wash your hands as often as possible. But putting your hands under the tap for a few seconds is not enough. If you want your hands to remain germ-free, you have to thoroughly wash them with soap for at least 20 seconds.

But in the year 2020, we can’t just rely on counting seconds or even worse, assume how much time has passed. No, this is the age of apps and Samsung’s latest creation proves that there really is an app for everything.

Samsung just introduced the brand new Galaxy Watch app: Hand Wash. Don’t be quick to assume that all the app does is to run a 20-second timer for your hand-washing needs! It goes way beyond that.

The Hand Wash app lets you set regular reminders to wash your hands, for example, once every two hours. It will also show you how much time has passed since your last encounter with the soap and how close you are to reach your daily hand-washing target, because of course you have one.

When it comes to the washing itself, once you’re ready to go, the app will start a 25-second countdown timer, giving you 5 seconds to apply soap and 20 seconds to wash your hands. Once the time runs out, a slight vibration will let you know you can stop scrubbing.

So far there’s no indication the app will have a competitive aspect similar to the fitness-related apps. We really hope that will be included in the next version and people will be able to compete against friends to see who has the cleanest hands.

If you think your smartwatch reminding you to breathe, walk around and go to bed isn’t enough, then install the Hand Wash app on your Galaxy Watch for that extra dose of control (and hygiene)!


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