Samsung Galaxy S6 to have a 'dual-edged' flexible display panel, tips screen analyst

Samsung Galaxy S6 to have a dual-edge flexible display panel, tips screen analyst
We recently learned that Samsung might be starting from scratch with the Galaxy S6 design, throwing away everything that its flagships looked like so far. Dubbed Project Zero, this would undoubtedly be the biggest overhaul of the Galaxy line ever since the first one hit the market a few years back. What we didn't know, however, is that the design overhaul might be very, very radical.

So edgy, in fact (pun intended), that an analyst tipped how Samsung could utilize its YOUM brand of flexible displays for the S6, and have it curved to the sides, just like the sloping panel of the Note Edge, but on both right and left this time. 

Jerry Kang, a senior analyst at IHD Technology, has mentioned at the IHS Display Analyst conference on Thursday, that “the Galaxy S6 to be released next year will feature a ‘dual-edged’ screen which is curved on the right and left sides.” In fact, the source mentions that this has been the initial Note Edge concept all along, but Samsung decided to slope the screen to the right only, after all.

An early look at the Galaxy S6 Project Zero undertaking pegs it as having a Quad HD display, Snapdragon 810 processor, a 16 MP or 20 MP rear camera with optical image stabilization, and an upgraded 5 MP front-facing shooter. In fact, the flexible display rumor about the Galaxy S6 has been bandied about before, and it also included the Note 5 in the whisper, so next year might be when Samsung's bendy screens really take off in production volumes. 

Actually, we were already tipped that Samsung will start mass production of a 5.9" Ultra HD Super AMOLED panel in time for the Note 5 next year, though it wasn't clear if it will have a plastic or glass substrate, i.e. whether it will be a flexible display or not. 

Now it looks more certain that it will be of the bendy type, and when we couple those side-sloping display rumors about the Galaxy S6 and the Note 5, with the other one that they will feature metal elements like the new A-series of Samsung, and we suddenly can't wait to see how radically is Samsung going to change the looks and feel of its two major handset lines.

source: KoreaHerald via G4Games

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