Samsung Galaxy S6 edge vs Galaxy S5: speed comparison

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The new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge arrives with a brand new version of TouchWiz that has gotten a fresh coat of 'Lollipop' paint with color-coded apps and the card-based multitasking menu, but most importantly, Samsung claims that it has trimmed off the fat and the interface is now faster and more responsive. Is that really so? We took the opportunity to compare the Galaxy S6 edge display unit at MWC 2015 against our Galaxy S5, freshly updated to Android 5.0 Lollipop. Which one is faster?

In order to measure the performance of the two we had a set of applications that we used to test the speed: once from a cold start of the app, and one more time, a hot start. We take a look at how fast it is to unlock the device, and then we open essential apps like the dialer, the messenger, and the camera.

At first sight, it does seem that the Galaxy S6 edge is a bit faster in practically all instances and for all apps, but the difference is bigger when we speak about cold start, while hot-starting applications takes a nearly identical amount of time on both (with a slight advantage in favor of the newer Galaxy S6 edge). Take a look at how we performed our test at the video above.

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