Samsung Galaxy S 4 feature Group Play lands on Galaxy Grand

Group Play is one of the many new features that Samsung introduced during the Galaxy S 4 announcement. Basically, it allows several Galaxy S 4 owners to enjoy the same content on all devices – like playing a particular song simultaneously, for example. This perk, however, won't be available solely on the Galaxy S 4, as other Samsung devices are bound to get it as well. In fact, owners of the Samsung Galaxy Grand in India can already give it a try after a recent software update added Group Play to their devices.

Yet this isn't the full-fledged Group Play that will be present on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S 4, as it turns out. The Samsung Galaxy Grand is limited to sharing only pictures, documents, or music with other compatible devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network, or via Wi-Fi Direct. What's missing from the equation is the ability to share videos. Playing multiplayer games wirelessly isn't possible either.   

That begs the question whether the rest of the Galaxy S 4 features that are to be retrofitted onto other Samsung smartphones will be also trimmed down in a similar fashion. One of these smartphones bound to be spiced up with the new perks is the Samsung Galaxy S III, and our guess is that the Samsung Galaxy Note II will follow suit. Perhaps it all depends on whether a particular device has the processing power to deliver a smooth experience with each particular feature. After all, the Galaxy Grand is just a mid-range device, while the S III and Note II pack a much more serious punch. What do you, guys, think?

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