Samsung Galaxy Note II might have the quad-core processor of the Galaxy S III, clocked at 1.6GHz

Samsung Galaxy Note II might have the same Exynos 4412 processor in the Galaxy S III
A couple of scores for a Samsung GT-N7100 device have appeared in the GLBenchmark database, showcasing graphics prowess almost on par with Snapdragon S4 Pro devices with Adreno 320 GPU, which currently occupy four of the top five slots there.

Considering that the Samsung GT-N7000 is the Galaxy Note, this upcoming handset might very well be the Galaxy Note II, which is rumored to come with an even larger screen, but in a more compact body than the original Note, thanks to some bezel shrinkage.

The GLEnvironment and System Info tabs reveal an Exynos 4412 processor with Mali-400 graphics, just like the kit in the Samsung Galaxy S III, so if this GT-7100 is indeed the Note II, it won't be a Cortex-A15 endeavor. Makes perfect sense that Samsung will be willing to use the same Exynos, and keep the Cortex-A15 surprises for next year's generation and/or its future tablets, considering there is nothing overshadowing its Cortex-A9 out there right now, and the die shrink has already occurred.

The GT-N7100 scores higher in the Offscreen test than the Galaxy S III, which might mean Samsung will overclock the Exynos 4412 in the eventual Note II to squeeze some extra performance, just like it did with the Galaxy S II and the original Note last year. Indeed, the System Info tab shows 1.6GHz maximum frequency, whereas the quad-core Exynos in the S III is clocked at 1.4GHz, hence the boost in the GT-N7100 performance.

As for screen resolution, 1280x720 pixels is shown, and Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich is running the show on the alleged Note II for now. If we see an HD Super AMOLED Plus screen in the Note II with a regular RGB matrix, it will be a more welcome improvement than moving from a 4 to a 5-Series Exynos processor with the same die size, since the current quad-core has plenty of oomph for anything you throw at it anyway. August 30 is a few weeks away, so more info might leak in the meantime. 

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source: GLBenchmark

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