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  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge: all there is to know

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge: all there is to know

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge: all there is to know

The Samsung Galaxy Note series has just gotten a huge update with not one, but two new devices: the Note 4 that everyone expected and the surprise in the form of the Galaxy Note Edge, a smartphone with a screen that wraps around one of its sides. The latter will certainly get all the eye-balls, as this new curved display actually adds to the functionality.

What are they all about? We're talking about two phablets, of course, and since both carry the Note name you'd be right to assume they both feature the S Pen. The two come with a 5.7-inch-ish (5.6" one on the Note Edge, but it also extends to the side) Super AMOLED display with a 1440 x 2560-pixel (Quad HD) resolution. Under the hood, roars the newest Snapdragon 805 system chip, capable of running at up to 2.7GHz. We also have a 16-megapixel main shooter on both, with a large 1/2.6" sensor and a wide-angle f/2.0 lens.

Saying just that, however, would be scratching the surface, so take a look at all of our coverage right below to learn all there is to know about the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: all there is to know

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: all there is to know

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posted on 03 Sep 2014, 16:22 1

1. BlankSpaceNai (Posts: 127; Member since: 23 Apr 2014)

So we've got a new phone that is an upgrade to its previous lineage, and the new blood ready to bring something fresh to the mobile world. Question is, do we still with what works, or try for change? Im torn between the two but I will say that Im very impressed with the note edge's bravado. The possibilities that can come from this are very strong, and it makes the gamer in me giggle with anticipation.

Question is, how does both sides of the river feel about this? Ive read peoples previous comments on other sections, but there are many who are in love with the new devices, and others who look at it differently.

posted on 03 Sep 2014, 21:47

12. sgodsell (Posts: 4896; Member since: 16 Mar 2013)

I will get the Note 4 edge, because its on the cutting edge ;-). I think if you can customize that edge, then that would be really cool. Also from the video it looks like its context aware.

posted on 04 Sep 2014, 01:09

16. Wiencon (Posts: 2023; Member since: 06 Aug 2014)

IMO this curved screen is gimmick, Moto X's active display was better solution for notification, it was bigger and more legible. Also I don't really look at phone from such big angle to not see what is on screen, so standard wide screen is better option for me.
Anyway, I can't understand why people are so amazed by Note series, for me it's just overgrown phone.

posted on 04 Sep 2014, 20:56

23. RORYREVOLUTION (Posts: 3117; Member since: 12 Jan 2010)

This coming from a guy with a Limp Bizkit album as his display picture. I can't take your opinion seriously.

The Note phones always have the latest and best specs at their time of release and usually the very latest or closed up to date as far as software. A lot of people love having a huge display and with the combination of having the S Pen, it makes for a fun and productive device.

I see a lot of potiential in having the curved display, being able to check the time, date, missed calls, any new txt messages, being able to set an alarm, etc without even having to turn on your display is freaking awesome.

posted on 13 Sep 2014, 12:44

28. TheOldOne (Posts: 196; Member since: 29 Mar 2012)

I also don't see the reason for such a big phone IF it does not have an S-Pen.
You'll know what I mean if you'll try it.

This is why I've got the Note 3 and don't consider any other phablet as an alternative. Maybe Sony Z Ultra, but for this you need to carry a pencil with you all the time.

posted on 03 Sep 2014, 16:30

2. promise7 (Posts: 891; Member since: 03 Jul 2013)

I really like the Note 4's design, but not a fan of phablets. I hope the Galaxy S6 follows the same design w/ the metal band around the body. Not interested in the Galaxy Alpha because of the specs and size, i think 5" is the perfect size.

posted on 03 Sep 2014, 18:27

7. fanboy1974 (Posts: 1345; Member since: 12 Nov 2011)

I'm happy that Samsung underpowered the Galaxy Alpha. Should have something to look forward to next year in the Galaxy S6. Hopefully a true 64 bit phone with 4GB of ram in a metal frame. The Note 4 is basically a large high powered Galaxy Alpha.

posted on 03 Sep 2014, 16:30

3. raf37 (Posts: 7; Member since: 03 Sep 2014)

How to get a developer edition mobile and is it free

posted on 04 Sep 2014, 01:09 2

17. Wiencon (Posts: 2023; Member since: 06 Aug 2014)

Yeah, sure, coz every OEM's giving their phones for free. Beautiful world we live in.

posted on 03 Sep 2014, 17:37

4. doejon (Posts: 406; Member since: 31 Jul 2012)

wide angle f1.9 not 2.0

posted on 03 Sep 2014, 17:54

5. JakeLee (banned) (Posts: 1021; Member since: 02 Nov 2013)

Maybe you can extend this article in near future with where the first battery explosion occured. I bet on US.

posted on 03 Sep 2014, 20:49 6

10. PapaSmurf (Posts: 10457; Member since: 14 May 2012)

PA please ban this troll.

posted on 04 Sep 2014, 01:01

15. T.Law (Posts: 418; Member since: 10 May 2014)

You're mistaking this and the next iToy.

posted on 04 Sep 2014, 02:13

18. JMartin22 (Posts: 2013; Member since: 30 Apr 2013)

Stick to your half-baked theorymoning "Android not 64-bit blah blah blah" shtick. Typical trolling isn't your thing. It's more funny when you tell us how something that's going to be available, isn't technically possible in the realm of your distorted mind.

posted on 04 Sep 2014, 15:20

22. Astoni (Posts: 649; Member since: 28 Sep 2013)

Okay, i've read enough BS from you. Both iphones and android devices have several devices exploded and its not really a big number its really small. that goes to say about the charger for the Iphone aswell..

I can stand Myx cause he is reasonable and actually bring logic and his own facts to back him up.. but you're just a pure half-a** troll.

posted on 03 Sep 2014, 18:08

6. CaptainManlyMan (Posts: 12; Member since: 31 Jan 2014)

I really don't like Samsungs' front button layout, but the Note looks great.

posted on 03 Sep 2014, 18:44 1

8. javy108 (Posts: 1004; Member since: 27 Jul 2014)

Note series the best Sammy series :)

posted on 03 Sep 2014, 20:48

9. nctx77 (Posts: 2403; Member since: 03 Sep 2013)

You can only hold the Note edge on one side. As big as the screen is, you cannot hold it on the curved side and reach across the screen. You will be hitting all kinds of buttons. There is a reason Samsung didn't make one phone with this feature. They gave themselves away by only doing it on one side as well. This is a " we did something different, but it's not that functional device". Also, there is no release date lol!

posted on 03 Sep 2014, 20:55

11. BlankSpaceNai (Posts: 127; Member since: 23 Apr 2014)

:/ once again, someone who doesnt understand the idea of innovation. You gain nothing by not trying. Samsung is clearly trying to create something NEW for themselves, for people to brand them with. Is it really that hard to imagine that maybe they thought of this and will create something on their UI to prevent this problem?

You seriously shooting fish in a pond trying to find anyway possible to make this a 'bad idea' and its very very obvious. Im impressed that SOMEONE is trying to find something NEW to do on your phone. IF this takes off, we can see a series of new innovations, ways to use and look at your phone. It may not be PERFECT but at least someone did something, and for that, I respect it.

posted on 03 Sep 2014, 23:49

14. 0xFFFF (Posts: 3806; Member since: 16 Apr 2014)

As I remarked on another thread, at the very least, the "edge" display will get everyone to think seriously about vertical UI. And this will be good for the entire Android community. This is what leadership is all about.

posted on 03 Sep 2014, 22:02

13. ColinW (Posts: 255; Member since: 04 Jun 2014)

I agree.

A classic example why is we have waited and waited for a large screen iPhone and all we get is Apple takes its time to make things perfect, then releases a phone that may have been great two years ago, but now is still way behind. The Note one was one product that got comments like yours when it came out. Now the segment that Samsung made popular is the fastest growing in this area.

posted on 04 Sep 2014, 02:33

19. JakeLee (banned) (Posts: 1021; Member since: 02 Nov 2013)

And both together will sell less than GN3.

posted on 04 Sep 2014, 05:59

20. DBounce (Posts: 157; Member since: 26 Apr 2014)

Was a new numbering system invented? What the the heck is 1/2.6"? Decimal Fractions?

posted on 05 Sep 2014, 06:48

24. Matriks (Posts: 2; Member since: 05 Sep 2014)

Galaxy is the best phone, I like it.
there are good apps like "Schlogger" that would like to try on the new phone

posted on 05 Sep 2014, 21:30

25. jtl78 (Posts: 20; Member since: 19 Nov 2012)

Does anyone know if the note 4 or note edge is waterproof?

posted on 07 Sep 2014, 21:47

26. pego99 (Posts: 105; Member since: 01 Aug 2012)

All there is to know! Yea right. Release date and pricing and system memory options.

posted on 12 Sep 2014, 14:16

27. datphone (Posts: 7; Member since: 28 Aug 2014)

I really have no idea what phone to get now. Do I get the Nexus X or do I go phablet and get the Note 4? Decisions, decisions...

posted on 17 Sep 2014, 11:45

29. swaguire (Posts: 21; Member since: 26 Apr 2014)

The only thing holding me back from getting any Android device is Imessage, even though you all might think it is not important I use it so much and would rather use imessage than text,and Imessage has so many more features so if Android came out with something like Imessage I would definitely get an Android phone.

posted on 18 Sep 2014, 06:35

30. datphone (Posts: 7; Member since: 28 Aug 2014)

I agree that iMessage is good but I wouldn't discount getting an android purely because of it. Many of the features iMessage has is also present on android. And if you're not happy with the stock messaging app on the phone then there's plenty more apps like whatsapp. I currently have an iPhone and personally can't wait to leave and go android. More do do with the hardware than software though.

posted on 19 Sep 2014, 06:32

31. ColinW (Posts: 255; Member since: 04 Jun 2014)

Hangouts has improved a lot and find it as good as imessage. Its big advantage is you can use it with more phone types. If your contacts do not have an Apple device it is less usefull.

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