Samsung Galaxy A54 battery info surfaces, hints at a potential upgrade

Samsung Galaxy A54 battery capacity
There's still time until Samsung unveils the next installment in its Galaxy A5x-series, but we have already started hearing rumors about the upcoming Galaxy A54. 

The latest rumor comes straight from, which claims to have found rather intriguing information about the battery of the upcoming phone. As per the info, the Galaxy A54 5G is rolling under the SM-A546B model number and will be powered by a battery cell with the EB-BA546ABY model code. 

This battery cell is officially rated as 4,905mAh battery, which means that it could technically have a typical capacity of 5,000mAh, or even 5,100mAh. The Galaxy A53 5G had a typical 5,000mAh battery, which has a rated capacity of 4,860mAh. 

Why such a discrepancy between rated and typical capacity? As deviations between different battery cells exist, rated capacity is the measurement that the manufacturer has found to be consistent with all battery units of the specific make. In the meantime, the typical capacity is usually higher and represents the average value of the battery products in the batch. 

Hopefully, with such a larger battery, the Galaxy A54 will be able to outshine its predecessor, which didn't have particularly great battery life. In our Galaxy A53 5G review, we found it to be lacking in comparison with the durable Galaxy A52, so there's definitely ground ripe for retaking on the battery endurance front. 

Galaxy A54 hardware: What could be the Galaxy A54 specs?

There's some chatter that the Galaxy A54 could use a large 50MP camera, which might seem like a serious downgrade given that both the Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A52 boasted 64MP cameras. Indeed, the megapixel count is probably one of the last camera specs that should matter to you, as there are much more important aspects of the camera that have greater weight.

A "smaller" 50MP camera could mean that Samsung is actually upgrading the camera on the Galaxy A54, especially if it uses a larger sensor than the fairly average 1/1.7" one used in both the Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A52. There's some speculation that the main camera of the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus could make it to the Galaxy A54, but this is bordering with the speculation. Yet, knowing that Samsung is keen on trickling down features from its flagship series to the mid-range segment, this makes some sense. 

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One aspect of the Galaxy A54 camera that we sincerely hope Samsung addresses is its uninspiring quad-camera setup, which consists of a wide and ultra ultra-wide cameras, joined by a macro shooter and a depth sensor. Dropping the macro snapper for a telephoto camera would be an awesome move that would make the mid-range device that much more appealing. 

Other rumors have it that the Galaxy A54 will likely rely on the Samsung Exynos 1380 chip, rolling under the S5E8835 model name, a successor to the Exynos 1280 that hums inside the Galaxy A53. The latter was a 5nm chip, and while we don't harbor significant hopes for a smaller manufacturing process, we can only hope. 

Galaxy A54 release date: When is it coming?

And when does Samsung plan to release the Samsung Galaxy A54? March 17, 2023. Okay, that might have come off as a little too certain, so let us explain. Earlier this year, the Galaxy A53 5G was announced on March 17, while its predecessor, the Galaxy A51 5G, saw the light of day on March 17 again, but in 2021. Thus, we have some historical evidence to back our claim that the Galaxy A54 5G could be announced sometime in mid-to-late March, 2023. 

Hopefully, Samsung prices the upcoming phone right so that it could better compete with other rivals in the upper mid-rang segment. As a reminder, the Galaxy A53 5G started at $449 in the US, which was great price for the overall package. A good value for the money!

Until then, we'll keep an ear close to the ground, and as we hear something, so will you. 

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