Report: Google to unveil its own smartphone sometime this year; company to follow Apple's blueprint

Report: Google to unveil its own smartphone sometime this year; company to follow Apple's blueprint
According to a report published on Sunday, Google is planning on launching its own smartphone sometime this year. Unlike the Nexus brand, which are stock Android handsets built for Google by popular Android manufacturers, Google will be building the device itself. And Android users will be happy to learn that since Google will be in charge of all facets of the production of this handset, updates will be released to the device faster than any other Android phone. That is because updates won't require a manufacturer to approve it before it becomes available to download and install.

In some respects, Google will be like Apple. The latter manufacturers the hardware and software for the iPhone allowing the device to run fast and enjoy good battery life. It also explains how iPhone users can have such a smooth and enjoyable experience with their handset despite sporting lower specs when compared to high-end Android models. Google's open source Android operating system is the most widely used in the global smartphone market.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said last month that Google was going to put more effort into developing phones. Toward that end, it recently signed former Motorola Mobility president Rick Osterloh to lead its hardware division.

Even though Google does plan on designing, manufacturing and selling its own smartphone, the company is expected to continue supporting the Nexus line. "Our plan is still to work with [other manufacturers]," according to Pichai. To reiterate, the first Google branded phone will go on sale some time later this year.

source: TheTelegraph via AndroidandMe


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