Report: Apple and Samsung in settlement talks

Report: Apple and Samsung in settlement talks
Right on the heels of Apple's settlement with Google's Motorola Mobility, which resulted in the dismissal of any remaining lawsuits between the two tech firms, there is talk that Apple and Samsung are sitting down to discuss a similar deal. The thermonuclear war that Steve Jobs had promise to unleash on Android, was created in the mind of the late Apple co-founder during a time period when iOS was in a stronger competitive position. Times have changed and Apple seems ready to put all of its legal issues behind it.

In the first patent trial between the two firms, Apple won a verdict of $930 million that is under appeal by Samsung. In the second trial, Apple won $119.6 million even though most experts had predicted that Apple would win a larger verdict in the second trial. That forecast was made due to the suit's inclusion of more recent models like the Samsung Galaxy S III. Samsung is appealing that verdict as well.

Samsung and Apple have tried before to work out a deal. Before and after both trials, Judge Lucy Koh requested that both sides reach out to each other via mediation, but each time, the talks failed.

source: KoreaTimes

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