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Remember the Galaxy S6 edge bend test? Samsung posted an official answer, guidelines for a second test

A few days ago, extended warranty service provider SquareTrade ran its infamous bend test on Samsung's newest handsets – the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge – and compared how they fare against other flagships on the market. The video of the process showed that the S6 edge would bend at 110 pounds – the same force that it takes to bend an iPhone 6 Plus – however, the edge also showed a cracked screen. Further cranking the pressure, the futuristic Sammy flagship would shatter at 149 pounds, while the iPhone 6 Plus gave up on its will to exist at the 179 pund mark.

Today, Samsung Tomorrow – the company's official blog – has posted an official statement about the video and it has a couple of points to argue. Firstly, Samsung says that a pressure of 110 lbf will very rarely fall on a smartphone – in a normal “backpocket against the bench” scenario, Samsung says the pressure is around 66 lbf (doesn't this depend on a person's weight and the angle at which the phone gets stuck between the body and the seat?). The company further goes on to say that both the S6 and S6 edge have been tested to endure up to 79 pounds of pressure (which is just about enough force to break a stack of five 2B pencils).

As a second argument, Samsung wishes to point out that the phone's front and back sides have different kinds of durability, which SquareTrade's video did not show – we are guessing this has to do with the fact that the S6 edge's screen cracked under the 110 lbf force and Sammy doesn't want you to think that the phone will get damaged if you just look at it the wrong way.

All of this said, Samsung claims it will deliver this statement to SquareTrade via an official channel and will ask for another video to be made, showing the phones' durability on both sides. Whether this will happen or not, we wouldn't bet on. Furthermore, Sammy posted a video of it stress-testing its phones and you can enjoy it below.


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