Red or dead: Smashing iPhones becomes a thing for Chinese patriots over South China Sea ruling


The foregone conclusion that was the ruling of an international tribunal in The Hague in favor of the Philippines in a maritime dispute with China led to a foregone rage among the more patriotic Chinese. According to the court, China has no legal basis to claim historic ownership on a pretty big chunk of the South China Sea.

While the decision was pretty much expected given the US leaning on the side of the Philippines, China is not taking it lightheartedly. To protest against this ruling that basically says how all these artificial islands China built in the sea are illegal, a number of patriots took to their hearts to defend the motherland by... smashing iPhones and shunning KFC.

As if it wasn't enough for Apple to have regular run-ins with mostly fabricated accusations from Chinese patent and other authorities, it now has to deal with videos like this one where locals are bashing on iPhones to exert their patriotic responsibility. The company was also ordered to shut down its iBooks and iTunes Movies services there, lost the rights to the iPhone trademark, and now faces a ban on sales of the iPhone 6 in Beijing due to alleged infringement over the design of a $100 Android shtick dubbed Baili 100C. Fun times, but we bet Apple is not laughing much, as China is a the other most important market for them, while game revenue from there just surpassed that from the US for the first time.

source: USAToday & NextShark

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