Radio Shack to offer Sprint's HTC Snap and Samsung Exclaim by Friday?

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Radio Shack to offer Sprint's HTC Snap and Samsung Exclaim by Friday?
We had previously reported that Sprint's version of the HTC Snap was to be launched by the carrier on June 7th. Well, that date came and went with no Snap on sale. But it looks like it was only a minor delay. Engadget Mobile was told by a source that Radio Shack would be offering both the HTC Snap (Sprint's version which is S511), and the Samsung Exclaim by this Friday for contract prices of $149.99 and $79.99 respectively.

The HTC Snap runs on Windows Mobile Standard 6.1, with a 2.4 inch display, 2MP camera, and a physical QWERTY keyboard. The Samsung Exclaim has a two-way slider with a QWERTY key pad and a numeric one. It is equipped with a 2.6 inch display and a 2MP camera.

Last week it was the Pre, and this week it could be the Snap. Before you know it, Radio Shack will be known for being more than just a place to buy batteries.

HTC S511 Preliminary Specifications
Samsung Exclaim Preliminary Specifications

source: EngadgetMobile



1. bronxbomber

Posts: 82; Member since: Apr 10, 2009

since when is radio shack just known for selling batteries?... what da f***, is this 1999*.LOL sometimes these forums dont make any sense. and why is it surprising that they are going to sell these phones, they always come out w/ sprints new phones.

2. rshackindian

Posts: 21; Member since: Apr 11, 2009

i agree bomber. Rshcks has haved cellphones; for like ever. rshsck was the first place to sell sprint's phones; and they have had, or have the 4 major carriers selling out of there stores. but; the carries barely include the shck in there ads'. the shck will always be there, selling post-pay, and pre-pay; oh and batteries too, lol

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