ROM update for the LG eXpo patches up some things with the handset

ROM update for the LG eXpo patches up some things with the handset
LG had a good thing going with the eXpo for AT&T when it was first released, especially when it was one of the few handsets on the market that offered a pico projector accessory add-on that made the Windows Mobile handset a portable projector. However, HTC's grasp in the high-end Windows Mobile  market made things very difficult for the LG eXpo to spread its love – even with a lightning fast 1GHz Snapdragon processor on board. Thankfully the eXpo has been kept in mind as a new ROM update is now available for the handset which does little to tide over owners who are still waiting for news about the possibility of Windows Mobile 6.5.3. The new ROM update doesn't radically change stuff on the handset, but it includes a host of bug fixes and enhancements that should fine tune the handset slightly. It features improved signal strength, fingerprint scanners runs better, removes the MMS app & replaced with the native one, read/receipt message delivery, and backup PIN implementation when using the fingerprint scanner to secure the smartphone. You really can't count out this handset as it does a good job in giving the HTC Tilt 2 a good run for its money.

LG eXpo Specifications | Review

source: AT&T via WMExperts

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