RIP, Withings, all your smart scales and fitness bands will be rebranded as Nokia


When Nokia bought Withings for $191 million last summer, it acquired a robust digital health accessory business that spans the gamut of fitness bands to smart scales to app-connected thermometers or blood pressure meters. Withings makes some of the best and most popular products in this realm, so it was a perfect fit for Nokia's WellCare strategy that will likely address a market which will be booming over the coming years. 

Fast forward a year towards the beginning of this summer, and all Withings products will begin shipping with the Nokia brand stamped on them. It makes sense, and Nokia is probably a more recognizable name than Withings, plus it rolls off the tongue more easily. Yep, beginning this summer, your smart hairbrush and its adjacent app will come branded as Nokia, how about that.

source: Withings

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