New Nokia 3310 camera turns out better than Galaxy S7 camera: an unbiased comparison

DISCLAIMER: We've tried to keep this camera comparison as unbiased as possible. The article has been impartially examined and approved by certified experts1.

The original Nokia 3310 from 2000 didn't have a camera, but if it did, we're sure it'd have been rad. Fast-forward to 2017, though, and there's hardly a phone out there tha doesn't come with some sort of a snapper built into it. Good thing, then, that the brand spanking new 3310 from 2017 has one, and of the fancy-schmancy 2 megapixels at that! So we thought... maybe you guys would be interested in feasting your eyes on some real-life camera samples straight from this glorious shooter? You got it!

But to truly understand just how capable the 2MP camera of the Nokia 3310 (2017) is, we thought we should add some context to this test, so we decided to photograph exactly the same scenes with a Galaxy S7 as well, and then compare the results. What? You don't think the S7 is a potent enough challenger for the much-anticipated new 3310? C'mooon, it may not be able to match the awesomeness of the 3310, but it's still a decent camera. Let's just see how these guys stack up against each other!

You know how your phone suddenly starts feeling old whenever a newer super-duper model comes out? We think this might be one of those cases... We could swear the GS7 took better pictures than this, but now, with the 3310 around, it becomes clear that everything in life is relative. Just like yoghurt.

Oh wait!It appears someone has switched the positions of the cables feeding the picture content... Ah, those Nokia fans, they'd do everything in their power to make Nokia phones look better. There, our gallery should work correctly now:

OK, this makes much more sense now. That portrait of Peter looked way too yellowish and oversaturated to have come from the 3310. True, the GS7 appears to capture slightly more detail, but don't you just love the more natural, realistic colors the 3310 outputs? That's the mark of a true cameraphone.


Nokia 33101
Galaxy S70

Hmm, we aren't particularly big fans of the Galaxy S7's picture here, simply because it's so dark. Life should be bright and fun, not grim and sad. Would you agree? Great! It's settled then.


Nokia 3310 2
Galaxy S70

The Nokia logo can only be captured in its complete glory through the lens of a Nokia phone, so it's an obvious win for the 3310.


Nokia 3310 3
Galaxy S70

To prove our unbiasedness, we should point out that the Galaxy S7's croissants do look somewhat sharper and contrasty, which is a definite plus. However, did you know that there's another very important aspect to food photography, called the Yummy Index, or YI for short. World-famous food photographers from different parts of the world such as New Jersey and Boston have long postulated that the Yummy Index is probably the single most crucial element of food pictures. As long as you manage to get the YI right, you're golden. Now, if we remember correctly, we took this picture with a yellow (very close to gold) Nokia 3310, and a black (very far from gold) S7, so if we simply reverse the logic, it proves that the 3310 managed to obtain a much bigger Yummy Index with its photo.


Nokia 3310 4
Galaxy S70

What about you? Which smartphone do you think performed better in this camera comparison: the Nokia or the 3310?

1. The reputable experts involved in the evaluation of this article are highly respected and certified in the field of yoghurt.

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