Qi wireless charging accessories will come to the Samsung Galaxy S 4

Qi wireless charging accessories will come to the Samsung Galaxy S 4
Yeah, we know. Most of you out there expected Samsung to reveal some sort of  home-grown wireless charging feature with the Samsung Galaxy S 4. After all, Sammy and Qualcomm are BFF as founding members of the Alliance for Wireless Power. They probably have a clubhouse and a secret handshake. But despite this, a press release from Qi has made it official that the Samsung Galaxy S 4 will support Qi's wireless standards. That means that those who want to charge their Samsung Galaxy S 4 without a wire will have to resort to purchasing a new backplate, and if you don't already own one, a Qi supported charging pad.

The great thing about Qi related accessories is that they are compatible with Qi supported products made by a host of companies. More than 130, actually. Qi's release didn't mention a price or availability date, but it did note that the feature was demonstrated at Samsung Unpacked 2013. More than 170 Qi related products have been made and McDonalds, as we recently told you, is looking into the idea of bringing wireless charging onto its restaurants with a test being conducted in Europe.

Maybe you're disappointed that no native wireless charging solution was offered for the Samsung Galaxy S 4, maybe you're not. The bottom line is that this option will be available for those who want to cut the last cord.

source: Qi via TechCrunch

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