President-Elect Obama is just like us as he drops his BlackBerry

President-Elect Obama is just like us as he drops his BlackBerry
Hey, it is something we have all done. I mean, it certainly is nothing to be ashamed of as it is a completely natural act and part of being human. In case you have more than a "G" rated imagination, we are referring to the human proclivity to drop a cellphone right on a hard surface. Just a few days ago, we reported that President-Elect Obama would have to go cold turkey to break his BlackBerry addiction. Well, it might not be so hard to give up now that our 44th President has dropped his beloved 'Berry on an airport tarmac, which is about the same as dropping it on hard, hard concrete (despite what you saw this week, most airplanes do land on a hard surface). A Secret Service agent quickly picked up the fallen device, but there was no word on whether or not the phone was still working. An Obama spokesman joked that the drop would now solve Obama's problem of having to give up his BlackBerry without needing legal action to pry it away from him. We all know that sinking feeling after we drop our cellphone. It is somehow comforting to know that the Leader of the Free World is just one of us.

source: AP via Cellular-News

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