Preorder a Windows Phone 7 device, receive a 3-month Zune Pass for free!

Preorder a Windows Phone 7 device, receive a 3-month Zune Pass for free!
Microsoft is trying to make your transition to Windows Phone 7 smoother by giving away a 3-month Zune Pass for free. The only thing required from you is to supply your email address to Microsoft now, and use the same email when you actually pre-order.

The database will do some matchmaking of your emails, and you will have the $44.97 Zune Pass sent to you when your Windows Phone 7 device of choice ships. For those wondering what the Zune Pass does - it gives you access to unlimited music downloads, movies, TV shows, games and other multimedia seductions. Use it for three months, and you might just get addicted - that's what Microsoft counts on, at least.

source: Microsoft


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1. zerglisk

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at&t u-vers and T-Mobile TV already gives out free TV shows if I am not wrong. I guess the plus is free music and movies. However, how do these WP7, without much storage expanding capability, act together with 1Gb size movies is interesting... (since most WP7 is only 16GB and movies can fill it up way too quickly) Wait & See ~

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