Porsche detects shift in China to Android from iOS

Porsche detects shift in China to Android from iOS
Considering the price of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro ($999 and up) and the iPhone 11 Pro Max ($1,099 and up), it might not come as a surprise that 91% of Porsche owners in the U.S. are also iPhone owners. That information comes from Klaus Zellmer, the President, and CEO of Porsche North America. Zellmer made this revelation as he appeared on stage doing an interview at Automobility LA 2019.

In a video posted by 9to5Mac (via ZDNet), Zellmer pointed out that while a large number of Porsche owners in China are also iPhone owners (80%), 40% of them said that their next device will be powered by Android. Perhaps one reason why half of Porsche-owning iPhone users in China plan to switch has to do with 5G. While Android phones compatible with the next generation of wireless connectivity are available now in China, 5G iPhone models won't be offered until next September at the earliest.

Another reason to switch might have something to do with the foldable form factor. Samsung's second foldable phone, the W20 5G, is similar to the Galaxy Fold and it will be released next month, but only for Chinese consumers. Unlike the Galaxy Fold, it has squared-off corners; when closed, the two sides come together and leave a much smaller gap than seen with the Galaxy Fold. It also sports the Snapdragon 855+ with a GPU that offers a 15% hike in performance. Everything else is the same as found in Samsung's first foldable except for the battery which is a bit smaller at 4235mAh (compared to the 4380mAh battery found in the Galaxy Fold). And the Huawei Mate X recently launched in China at a price equivalent to $2,425. We're not saying that you have to be able to afford a Porsche to buy the Mate X in China, but it surely helps.

We also can't rule out the amazing patriotism seen among Chinese consumers that allowed Huawei to control over 42% of the smartphone market in the country during the third quarter. While Huawei saw its shipments in China soar 66% year-over-year, deliveries of iPhone units in the same country declined 28% from July through September. Many consumers in the country believe that Huawei is being being picked on unfairly by the U.S.

While Zellmer has pointed out that Porsche has focused on iOS compatibility, and in the U.S. that makes sense. With the huge shift coming in the Chinese market, the executive says, "...there's a lot of movement in the market and obviously you have to do what customers do and that's why Android will be a solution going forward."

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