Poll: so, Pixel or Pixel XL?

Poll: so, Pixel or Pixel XL?
So, Google's Pixel smartphones went like hotcakes in the pre-order stage, and are expected to become physically available in about 3 days. Mirroring, the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, as well as many other high profile manufacturers, Google decided to release its Pixel flagship in two variants – a regular, 5-inch screen one, and a phablet-sized, 5.5-incher.

Android users are famously split in two categories when it comes to two screen sizes — some are irked by the fact that there are very few high-tier smartphones that have small-ish and manageable displays; others are happy to have gargantuan displays on them at all times, either for ease of viewing when in the Web, or for games and video-consumption.

So, the two Pixels should somewhat cover the needs of both groups. But we wonder — which side of the fence are you on?

Which are you getting: Pixel or Pixel XL?

Gotta have that 5-inch Pixel!
Bigger is always better - 5.5-inch Pixel XL it is!

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