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Poll results: Which manufacturer's flagship are you looking forward to the most in 2014?

Poll results: Which manufacturer's flagship are you looking forward to the most in 2014?
On Monday, we set out with the goal to get a taste of what you, our readership, is most looking forward to in 2014 in terms of a brand name flagship. Not at all surprisingly, this led to a lively discussion, and a decent level of participation. The results are now in and locked, and we were actually rather surprised at the end result.

So which company's flagship are most of you excited about? It turns out that an upcoming super-phone built from a Nokia/Microsoft duet is a prospect that salivates some 49.67% of poll takers. Next to that, runner-up Samsung's (12%) Galaxy S5 didn't quite manage to excite our respondents, and neither did any other manufacturer, actually. Sony, at third place, captured 10.03% of the votes, followed by LG's 8.66% and Apple's 6.61%. Flailing Taiwanese HTC still has its following, but its falling behind the curve with just 4.36% of voters looking forward to its next flagship. It's also interesting to see that Google's Nexus line is held in such a low regard, with just 3.32% of votes. Motorola, with just 3.11% is also not doing much better from its ex-parent company, though this time next year may bring a markedly different result for Lenovorola. The  loss of confidence in BlackBerry is also quite telling, with just 0.98% of respondents finding reason to put their trust in the Canadian outfit. Lastly, 1.25% of voters are looking to eastward, with hopes that one of the relatively unpopular Asian manufacturers might just work up 'the next big thing'. 

What are we to make of these results? Well, for one thing, people are anxious to see what the combined might of Microsoft and Nokia can muster up together. Moreover, we have a fairly even split between the rest of the manufacturers. This is a good thing, as its an indication that, for the time being, we're mostly clear of the threat that is lack of choice. 

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