Poll results: What do you think will happen after Android Z?

A couple of weeks ago, Google announced Android M, the 13th major iteration of the OS that's used by over 1 billion people monthly. While an Android M Developer Preview is already available to download, the new version of the operating system will not be properly released until later this year.

Recently, a Google official confirmed that the company is planning to roll out major Android releases on a yearly basis. This means that, after Android L (Lollipop) and Android M, Android N will arrive in 2017, Android O is going to be out in 2018, and, eventually, we'll see Android Z in 2026.

As you probably already know, Google is giving each major version of Android a specific confectionery-themed name (Android M doesn't have one, though it will get it later this year). But what will happen after Android Z is released? We made a poll asking you this question, and it turns out that over half of respondents (53.31%) believe that Google will find another naming scheme for the Android versions coming after Z. There are also many voters (21.66%) who think that Android itself will be renamed.

Sure enough, there's a long way to go until Android Z is released (if it's released), and a lot of things can change until then. What do you think will happen to Android in the next decade?

What do you think will happen after Android Z?

Google will find another naming scheme
Google will start all over from A
Android itself will be renamed
I've no idea / I have my own theory which I'll share in the comments


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