Poll results: Sony announces new flagship model with a dual-core CPU: Is it a mistake?

Poll results: Sony announces new flagship model with a dual-core CPU: Is it a mistake?
Last week Sony announced its newest range of smartphones, and as always, the top model got the most attention. The Sony Xperia T impressed with a lot of things, its good-looking design being among them, but we couldn't miss one small detail that made us wonder if Sony has done the right choice - the Xperia T's dual-core processor.

Of course, it's a Snapdragon S4 Krait chipset, which is perfectly comparable to the quad-core solutions out there, but you know how it is - a lot of users are choosing their smartphones based on their specs sheets. So we asked you if it was a good decision on Sony's part to use a dual-core chipset for its newest top-model, especially when other competitive offerings sport quad-cores.

Well, it turns out most of you don't consider this a big problem for Sony and its Xperia T. 61.19% of all voters seem to think that the Xperia T will be just fine on the market with its two cores, but still, the other 38.81%, who have said that this was indeed a bad decision, are also a sizable group that shouldn't be ignored.

At the end of the day, the dual-core CPU probably won't be a deal-breaker for the Sony's latest flagship, but it will take much more than a strong CPU for the Xperia T to establish itself as a leading smartphone on the market.We'll see if it has all the necessary ingredients when the phone launches later this year!

Did Sony make a mistake by not going for quad-core in the Xperia T?

I don't think the dual-core CPU will hurt its sales that much.
Definitely. Specs sell in the wireless industry.

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