Poll results: Samsung Galaxy S III vs HTC One X

Poll results: Samsung Galaxy S III vs HTC One X: Which one do you prefer?
Do you want to know what's the outcome of the biggest Android clash? Last week, we posted a poll, asking you which smartphone do you prefer, with the options being the Samsung Galaxy S III and the HTC One X - one of the very best Android handsets around.

Well, it was a tough fight indeed, but the Galaxy S III came out victorious in the end, although with not such a big margin. The Galaxy S III managed to preserve its lead almost throughout the whole duration of the poll, but some of you may have noticed that at the very end, the One X somehow finished ahead. That sudden lead seemed quite strange so we decided to investigate. It turned out that a total of 884 votes for the One X have come from a single IP, meaning that someone out there wanted the One X to win really bad. Of course, we filtered out those votes and the end results are as follows: the Samsung Galaxy S III wins with 3273 votes, followed by the HTC One X with 2477.

What do you think has made most users vote in favor of the Galaxy S III?

Which phone do you prefer?

Samsung Galaxy S III

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